Rotarun Ski Area

Rotarun ski area is located just a few miles down the road from Hailey, Idaho located at 25 Rodeo Dr, Hailey, Idaho 83333.


The map tells it all.

If my counting is right, the map shows 7 runs.

The trails labeled as black diamonds, expert, runs are… hmm, how shall I say this?

Not really that tough in my opinion.

Realize that trail ratings are relative to the ski area. What might be a black diamond (expert) run at one ski area might barely be a blue square (intermediate) run at another area.

How to access this terrain? There is one rope tow and one platter (Poma) lift.

The base elevation is 5,420 feet, the top is at 5,895 feet for a vertical drop of 475 feet. Enjoy!

Ski Season

In general, Rotarun operates from early January to early April each year. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

As of this writing, April 2023, Rotarun is extending the ski season to be open Friday April 21 and 28 and Saturday April 22 and 29.

They are not open every day, all day.

Typically they are open Wednesday 6 – 9 PM (FREE public skiing), Friday 6 – 9 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 4 PM.

Ticket and Season Prices

Daily lift ticket prices depend on age and range from FREE for children 5 and under, $10 for youth 6-17 years old, and $15 for anyone over 18 years old.

Season passes for families up to 6 people are $250 for the Rotaturn Tribe Family Season Pass, individuals pay $150 for the Rotarun Legend Individual Season Pass, kids 6 – 17 years old pay $85 for the Rotarun Futures Youth Season Pass.

They do have snowsports lessons available Saturdays and Sundays for adult private lessons, adult group lessons, child private lessons and child group lessons.

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