Baker Lake Trail

Expect to meet others on the trail, especially families with young children carrying fishing poles on a sunny summer weekend, as you hike the Baker Lake trail that zig zags approximately 1.9 miles from the trailhead to the lake gaining ~850 feet. Stats Baker Lake is in the Smoky Mountains in Blaine County Idaho. In Baker Lake Trail

The Pioneer Trifecta

Also known as the Pioneer Triumvite (yeah, go look that one up). Stats This is how we enjoyed the fourth of July. Woke up at 3:45, on the road at 4:17 and the hike began at 5:02. What you are about to read is what Dylan did for the day – not me. I was The Pioneer Trifecta

Lake Creek High Ridge Trail

Want to know the best time to hike in the Wood River Valley? Are you here for the avalanche butt sliding video? >> Go HERE. When it is overcast. That’s right, full blown sunny days are not the best days to hike in my strong opinion. It can be rather warm when the sun is Lake Creek High Ridge Trail

Rotarun Ski Area

Rotarun ski area is located just a few miles down the road from Hailey, Idaho located at 25 Rodeo Dr, Hailey, Idaho 83333. Terrain The map tells it all. If my counting is right, the map shows 7 runs. The trails labeled as black diamonds, expert, runs are… hmm, how shall I say this? Not Rotarun Ski Area

Sun Valley New Warm Springs Lift

Say good bye to the aging quad Greyhawk and Challenger chairlifts on the Warm Springs side of Baldy and say hello to the yet-to-be-named six person Doppelmayr chairlift. Take one last look, because that is all going to change for the 2023 / 2024 ski season. New Chairlift(s) The Warm Springs lift replacement project is Sun Valley New Warm Springs Lift