Roots Wine Bar & Bottle Shop

Hailey, Idaho, United States

Roots Wine Bar & Bottle Shop

Roots Wine Bar & Bottle Shop

  • Rian is originally from Napa Valley, the heart of California wine country and has a degree in communications from San Francisco State
  • Chris is from Washington, D.C., served in the army and attended the University of Arizona
  • Both have extensive experience working with world renowned wineries and managing fast paced high end tasting rooms, direct to consumer programs and wine clubs
  • They have two children Isla & Zane as well as two pets Lokoya & Maya
  • Roots Wine Bar & Bottle Shop is a reflection of their combined food and wine experience over 25+ years
  • Work closely with local community members, friends & family who are experts in various fields such as winemaking, marketing, cooking etc
  • Dedicated to Patricia Ann Holton (Mom) without whom none of this would be possible

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